Enterprise Knowledge Management (KM)


Knowledge and skills possessed by aerospace domain experts are years in the making and require interest, money, dedication and experience to achieve. A disproportionate amount of this collective intelligence resides in workers approaching retirement age.


Knowledge creation and retention is a key competitive advantage in today's economy. Effective utilization of KM technologies affords a solution to the availability of critical intellectual assets.


Employees desire creative training and ‘just-in-time’ access to information enabling motivation and productivity. The Internet provides a certain level of collective information for access and utilization on the job. Is your enterprise effectively using its ‘deep web’, the proprietary information that encompasses and defines your competitive edge? Are you optimally leveraging your domain knowledge or is time and money being wasted as employees re-invent the wheel?


Boreal Space can:

- Provide expert assistance with critical knowledge and skill identification

- Create knowledge retention products using both traditional and multimedia technologies

- Provide insightful metrics allowing for strategic deployment and improvement of knowledge assets

- Institute continuous improvement strategies for your ‘deep web’ resources

Our team will evaluate your existing KM capabilities and provide feedback and assistance in implementing innovative and value-added assets to your data management landscape.


We tailor knowledge management solutions to your requirements, schedule and cost. Contact us to learn how Boreal Space can assist with your knowledge management needs.