Planetary Society - LightSail

Systems Engineering, GNC, Flight Software


M2M2Sky - Wayfinder

Spacecraft development, integration and operations


Interface Region Imaging Spectrometer (IRIS) - GSFC

Systems Engineering, GNC, Avionics, Flight Software


Airborne Laser (ABL) - USAF

Critical Beam Path Optics, Integration and Test


Simultaneous Location and Mapping applications

GNC Robust Error Recovery Algorithm development


Mobile User Objective System (MUOS)

Network Management, Secure Communications, Performance Modeling Software


USAF Deployable Space Telescope

Design and Construction of Brass Board Telescope


Commercial Remote Sensing System (CRSS) - IKONOS

Flight Software development, System Integration, Launch support, on-orbit maintenance


EO Space Surveillance

Space Observation Network Analysis and Simulation


Technical, Schedule and Fiscal Consulting Services

DARPA F6 BAA Response for Spacecraft Bus; Nightsat NASA SMEX Mission Proposal; Civil Space Initiatives - Joint Efficient Dark Energy Investigation (JEDI); Space Technology 9 (ST-9); Microlensing Planet Finder (MPF); Near Earth Orbit object Camera (NEOCAM); NPOESS Preparatory Program (NPP); Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO); Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF);Constellation – X; Gamma-Ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST)


Theater High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD)

Real-time avionics, software engineering, flight testing


Earth Observation System (EOS)

Embedded software development (platform and payload)


Broad Band X-Ray Telescope (BBXRT)

Flight Software development, integration and test


Spacelab Input Processing System: OSS1, ISEE, SMRM, ERBS

Ground Software Engineering, Mission Operations


Solar Maximum Mission

Mission Operations